Let your skin experience a boost of soothing hydration with the Sheroxi HydraBoost & Soothe Facial Spray. Specially selected for its high antioxidant ingredients such as the distilled Damask Rose Hydrosol, this moisturising face mist nourishes your skin with the essential vitamins it needs instantly. With just a quick spritz, the lightweight but impressively efficient formula in this facial spray strengthens skin tissues. Plus, it protects you from oxidative damage, including environmental aggressors such as pollution, air dust particles, and UV damage.

Especially useful when the day draws long, go about your routine activities with a refreshed face and renewed confidence with our hydrating facial spray. Quickly achieve soft, plump skin and a naturally radiant glow with every squirt.

Directions: Use any time when you need to calm irritated skin or refresh your senses. Spray at a minimum of 15-20cm from face and gently pat the fine mist into skin until fully absorbed.

For optimal results, we recommend using Sheroxi HydraBoost & Soothe Facial Spray after cleansing. Follow up with Sheroxi Hydro Skin Rebalancing Toner and other products under our Sheroxi brand.

Net Volume: 190ml

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HydraBoost & Soothe Facial Spray | Sheroxi


Deep Hydration

Enriched with Trehalose, a naturally occurring plant sugar, moisturise your skin by mimicking its Natural Moisturising Factor (NMF) and protect yourself against moisture loss.

HydraBoost & Soothe Facial Spray | Sheroxi

Lock In Moisture

Formulated with Glycerin, a moisture magnet to attract and retain moisture within the skin layers. You’ll never have to worry about painful, cracked skin or dry spots.

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Suitable For All

Offers a natural calming aromatherapeutic scent, perfect for keeping you feeling refreshed throughout the day.

"I keep this in my bag. Very hydrating! Smoothes my redness."

Sonia Low

"Such a lovely soothing spray for any time of the day. Instantly soothes sensitive irritated skin!"

Carrie Sim

"This spray is amazing. Not only does it hydrate my skin but it also evens it out and keeps oil at bay. I also find the smell refreshing."

Daniel Low

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