Collagen Boosting Whitening Cream


Collagen Whitening Cream For Protection In Sunny Singapore

Directions: To prep skin, start by pumping Sheroxi HydraBoost & Soothe Facial Spray 2-3 times on a wet sponge and pat gently on your skin. Next, apply a suitable amount of Collagen Boosting Whitening Cream on face and neck. Spread gently on your skin to ensure even coverage. After that, complete your skincare routine with the Air Cushion BB Cream or foundation.

Protecting You, Rain Or Shine

Singapore’s weather can be unpredictable, yet commercial sunblocks often weigh down on your face. What you need is a light cream that offers SPF20 daily protection against harmful UV rays. Better still, the Collagen Boosting Whitening Cream improves your complexion and works as an excellent primer for your foundation.

A must-use sun care product, whether it is sunny or cloudy. Use this cream in your daily routine and ensure your complexion has the protection it needs.

Whitening And Building A Better Complexion For Your Skin

Damaging sun rays can dry out your skin and cause it to age even faster, forming unwanted lines and wrinkles in the most unattractive areas. Without proper skin care, your skin cells also lose elasticity and can even appear dull and sallow.

But with the Collagen Boosting Whitening Cream, brighten your skin tone to reveal a fairer complexion. The naturally occurring collagen properties in the cream keep your skin from sagging and restores moisture. One application gives you plump supple-looking skin that bounces back. Gentle and safe to use for any skin type, this dual-purpose cream provides light coverage and brightening. This whitening cream alone can function perfectly in a minimalist natural makeup look, perfect for busy professionals in Singapore.

Buy Natural Herbs Face Whitening Cream Online

Discover all the wonders the Collagen Boosting Whitening Cream can do for your skin. Shop online today! For any questions regarding this whitening cream, you can call or WhatsApp us at our Singapore number +65 9189 5870 for advice, or check out our product FAQ page.

 Net Volume: 30g