Air Cushion BB Cream


The Air Cushion BB Cream For Natural Looking Skin

Directions: On first use, flip open the compact and peel off the protective seal off the Air BB cushion cartridge. Once the sticker is off, use the provided foundation pad and press into the cushion firmly. When you lift the foundation pad, you should see the liquid BB cream absorbed on the underside. Gently pat the BB cream on your face, concentrating in problem areas and your T-zone.

For optimal results: Use Sheroxi HydraBoost & Soothe Facial Spray beforehand to prime and smoothen the skin and have the makeup lasts longer

Conceals All The Right Things

Conceals pigmentations, acne scars and blemishes on your skin. No more embarrassing photos that put your skin’s imperfections on display. Always look your best and feel your confidence grow when you head out.

Colour Corrects Problematic Skin Tones

The Air Cushion BB Cream corrects uneven skin tone. Problems like redness in your skin are common for many reasons, from factors like the environment to diet. Other skin problems include dull skin from dry patches due to poor care or neglect of a proper skincare routine.

Worry not for the Air Cushion BB Cream can solve all of these problems and instantly transform your skin. Easily cover up with a few dabs of the BB Cream with our specially designed padding and air cushion. The foundation will surprise because it looks like your own natural skin.


Protects skin from environmental aggressors and UV rays with its SPF20 sun protection. For the lazy girls, no need to apply an extra layer of sunblock. Reduce the layers needed to your makeup regime for a lighter and breezier feel.

What’s In The Product?

Available in 2 shades: natural and ivory. Includes a refill.

It’s Time To Shop For A New BB Cream

The Air Cushion BB Cream designed with your skin’s welfare in mind, it’s time to give your skin what it needs and change your foundation for the better. Hit add to cart and get your brand new foundation in 3-5 days. To get the best base skin condition even before putting on makeup, you can arrange a facial spa treatment with us.

Net Volume: 30g