Our Research & Development Team

Working together with leading Research & Development (R&D) teams, we conceptualised a series of beauty and skincare products to address multiple skin concerns. Coupled with over 4 years of clinical tests and insights gathered through user testing, Sheroxi range of herbal skincare was launched.


Our exquisite herbal and botanical formula are infused with patented ingredients scientifically proven to support skin cell rejuvenations, promote cell renewal to improve skin elasticity and reveal a more youthful appearance. Sheroxi products are well-loved for our lightweight formulation that absorbs quickly, without any stickiness especially in tropical climates.

At the heart of our formulation:
Safety and Effectiveness

It matters to us what our brand values mean to you.


When creating our proprietary herbal extracts, we ensure that these active ingredients truly deliver their promise. Our stringent selection of fine traditional Chinese herbs such as Ginseng extract, Reishi Mushroom (Ganoderma) and Snow Lotus extract, marries patented ingredients and popular natural skincare ingredients such as Yeast extract, Rice Ferment Filtrate and Blue Copper Peptide (Palmitoyl Tripeptide-).

Each thoughtfully-formulated Sheroxi product harnesses the efficacies of our selected ingredients infused into a complete range of skincare that delivers positive results. Our products are well-loved for soothing irritated skin, repairing damaged skin, offering anti-aging benefits, and promoting a fairer, even skin tone.


Sensitive skin and inflamed skin conditions require special care. Are there ingredients to avoid? Yes, and that is why we our formulations contain none of these 8 common skin irritants to reduce the likelihood of triggering allergies: colourants, fragrance, hormones, florescent agents, artificial surfactants, alcohol, heavy metals and added preservatives.

Research & Development | Sheroxi

Sheroxi Research Centre in Shanghai