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Relax and unwind. Treat yourself with the pampering you deserve. Take some time out of your busy schedule for the relaxation and rejuvenation you need.

 Receive luxurious facial spa treatments customized to all your skin needs. At the service and care of our facial experts, instantly feel the difference in your skin. Feel your muscles relax and your troubles melt away as we massage skin-nourishing essences, lotions and creams, to boost your skin’s absorption and for the best results.

 It can be challenging to find spare time to look after your skin daily. But now, you can leave your skincare regime to us. Book an appointment at your convenience, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Herbal Facial Spa Treatment

Our facial spas are more than your everyday beauty spas. Our facial care products are derived from natural herbs from traditional Chinese medicine and combined with the best of modern-day technology in skincare.

Gentle on the skin and free of harmful chemicals. We leverage our scientific expertise in botanical biology to take advantage of nature’s gifts, so your skin gets the precise nutrition and treatment it needs.

Like being transported to a green botanical trail among dewy luscious fields, our facial care spa services reawakens your skin cells with naturally occurring ingredients, freshly extracted in their most concentrated forms for the best effects.

Try Our Most Popular Skin Care Products

Our most popular skincare products online will be available in our facial spa treatment services in Singapore. Try on our Polypeptide Cellular Activating Essence, Supreme Effects Cream, and High Performance Time Defence Eye Serum. If you like how it feels on your skin, and the calming aromatherapy of our skincare products, you can always shop our full collection online and incorporate them into your daily skincare routine.

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