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About Us

Experience the results-proven skin-loving benefits that Sheroxi brims with.

In our pursuit for natural ingredients, refined craftsmanship, and the embodiment of traditional heritage, we dream up exquisite creams to meet modern skin needs.
Each bottle of Sheroxi skincare represents the well-loved and respected Asian beauty secrets passed down across generations that transcends time. With our proprietary herbal extracts, scientifically proven active ingredients and profound expertise, each formulation feeds skin with essential nutrients to help restore skin balance.
Sheroxi endeavours to transform skin concerns into self-confidence by synergising the best of traditional natural herbs and advanced technology.

"From Asia, for Asia and beyond.

Define Beauty With Your Skin. This is our promise"


About Us | Sheroxi

Our Mission

We are inspired to harness nature’s healing powers and marrying it with advanced scientific technology to meet modern skin needs. At Sheroxi, we are committed to creating quality beauty products with time-tested ingredients to nourish and restore that healthy skin you deserve.

About Us | Sheroxi

Our Brand Vision

At the heart of our skincare philosophy, we believe that achieving healthy skin is possible with natural, safe, and effective ingredients. With our carefully researched and tested formulation, we want to help you awaken your self-confidence with each drop of Sheroxi skincare.

About Us | Sheroxi

Our Brand Values

  • Modernising the best of traditional goodness

Encapsulating age-old beauty secrets to meet the skincare needs of users today and beyond.

  • Harmonising the best of Eastern and Western ideology

Marrying the best of both worlds to offer a dedicated range of tried-and-tested products that truly deliver results.

  • Epitomising timeless classics for present-day needs

“Old is gold” and that is why we return to our cultural roots of beauty in search of timeless, scientifically proven ingredients and trusted knowledge that were highly favoured.

*Sheroxi SG is under the umbrella of Kelly Oriental Skincare Pte Ltd.

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