Exquisite Herbal-blend Powder Mask


At the heart of Sheroxi’s skincare formulation, traditional Chinese herbs takes centrestage. Inspired by ancient Eastern knowledge and benefits of herbal extracts, we marry the efficacies of natural herbs that work on skin together with the latest technology to formulate safe, quality products. Each of our SheroxiExquisite Herbal-blend Powder Mask is specially developed with Sheroxi’s proprietary blend of herbal extracts to treat a variety of skin concern or condition. At the same time, troubled skin receives a boost of nourishment to repair, rejuvenate and restore healthy skin and confidence.

There are 8 types of mask for your skin needs.

Exquisite Herbal-blend Powder Mask | Sheroxi

Mask Types

1. Mask King
King of Resurrection Mask. Deep hydration, skin repairing, anti-aging and other functions.
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2. Acne Clean Mask
Helps to reduce acne problem and calms irritated skin.
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3. Nutritious Mask
Long-term use can brighten skin, nourish skin, anti-oxidation and anti-aging, lighten pigmentation, and repair after sun.
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4. Cleansing & Refreshing Mask
Detoxification and beauty, purifies pores, brightens skin tone, and solves inflammation of the underlying skin.
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5. Dark Spot Solution 1
Helps to lighten acne scars, pigmentation, improve skin complexion
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6. Dark Spot Solution 2
Helps to lighten pigmentation such as freckles, melasma, and sun spots.
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7. Blood Cooling Mask
Helps improve plateau red skin
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8. Blood Streak Clearing Mask
Helps to lighten blood streak
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