Look And Feel Great Naturally

Like the cool breeze of healing nature caressing your face, Sheroxi’s facial skincare products are inspired by organic elements from Mother Earth.

 Redefining what skincare products today should be, our impressive collection of creams, serums and essences will not weigh down your skin with heavy chemicals. Instead, only natural herbs are used, so your skin feels light but supple, and as smooth as a baby.

Plus, our products are not tested on animals, so it’s safe for you to integrate our whole range of skincare in your self-pampering routine, entirely guilt-free.

Moisturise: Give All The Nourishment Your Skin Needs

Quench dryness in your skin with our unique tub of Supreme Effects Ultra Moisturising Cream. Fast-acting and it reaches the deepest levels of your skin with one application. If you’re always on-the-go and require a much faster application, go for our Hydraboost & Soothe Facial Spray for a moisturising boost any time of the day.

Repair: Fix Existing Problems To Your Skin

Exposure to everyday weather elements without proper care to your skin can cause facial problems that take a long time to heal. Exposure to typical weather elements without adequate protection to your skin can cause facial issues that take a long time to heal. Additionally, the direct consequence of this is making you look tired, lifeless and even older than you are. The natural result of this is a tired, worn-out look, that makes you look even more senior than you are.

To ensure your face is always in tip-top condition, use the Hydro Skin Rebalancing Toner to restore your skin’s pH levels. Or use our Intensive Recovery Lotion bring nourishment back to your skin.


Sheroxi endeavours to transform skin concerns in Singapore into self-confidence by synergising the best of traditional natural herbs and advanced technology in our skincare products.

Consult Us

Our natural facial skincare products are safe for use across any skin types. But if you need advice or a consultation for your skin type, give us a call for us at +65 9189 5870. You can also refer to our FAQ page for additional information.

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