Protects, Nourish And Makes Your Skin Look Great

It’s no wonder women all over the world have problems with skin and complexion. You tend to wear makeup from day to night. And because mainstream makeup products out in the market today don’t all have your best interests in mind,  you end up using cosmetics that are not right for your skin, which starts to cause issues for your complexion in the long run.

But with our expertise in using natural herbs for skincare, Sheroxi now has a line of makeup products that are gentle on your skin, provides protection from the sun, and keeps your delicate complexion glowing even with regular use. Buy our whole range of makeup products online today!

Skin Whitening Base: Let Your Skin Glow

Want that Korean glow? Get fairer skin and that gorgeous dewy radiance with our Collagen Boosting Whitening Cream. It has UV protection, and it’s perfect for days you want to go light on your makeup.

Foundation: Maximum Coverage That Looks Natural

For more coverage, spring for our economical Air Cushion BB Cream. So easy to use, and available in 2 shades to match your complexion. It comes in a compact plus a refill cartridge when you buy online. Dab some of this makeup product on for natural-looking skin and instantly conceal all of your imperfections with our special formula.

On top of this, save the environment without throwing away the main compact. Even if your BB Cream cartridge is fresh out, getting the refill is only a few clicks away.

Shop For Cosmetics That’s Kind To Your Skin Today

Pick between the Collagen Boosting Whitening Cream and the Air Cushion BB Cream, or, if you can’t decide, get them both! Use both of these makeup products together, or even select some natural herbs skincare for best results. Better yet, with a minimum spend of just SGD200, you can get free delivery in 3-5 days.

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