Top 5 Benefits Of Going For A Hair Removal Service

With the recent rise in self-care trends amongst both sexes and an increased emphasis in grooming, hair removal services have become all the rage in the past years. When it comes to dealing with the delicate and sensitive areas such as the underarm or armpits, it behoves oneself to approach a trusted beauty expert in Singapore and err on the side of caution when in doubt. In the realm of hair removal and aesthetics, we often receive questions pertaining to the benefits of full body hair removal treatment. Fret not, we’re here to offer insight into the benefits of hair removal services.

1. Saves Time

The prevailing sentiment many might have about hair removal generally lies along the lines of “well, I can do that by myself at home!” Although that technically is true, hair removal services done by professionals are infinitely more efficient and effective. Between needing to gather the right tools and the lack of expertise, the end to end result of hair removal done personally might not be as ideal. With professional services such as Sheroxi, simply book an appointment with us online and you’re good to go!

2. Avoid Discomfort And Pain

Hair removal services also help avoid discomfort and pain, when done by experts in the field. When done by yourself at home, you risk getting cuts on all the hard-to-reach and delicate spots on your body such as your underarm, armpits and genital areas from improper execution. Even if razor blades are avoided, plucking and waxing without professional help can often hurt more than necessary. In worst case scenarios, your skin might be damaged and can lead to complications such as skin infection. Why risk all that, when you can head to the experts and let us take care of your full body hair removal treatment for you?

3. Freedom To Wear What You Want

Worried about wearing that gorgeous backless cocktail dress because you haven’t had the time to manicure your body hair before date night? Well, with hair removal services you don’t have to be afraid of wearing any specific outfit anymore. Book an appointment with us online for our highly sought after 90 minute Full Back Hair Removal treatment ($803/per session) and that cocktail dress is going to be a show-stopper on your night out. Flaunt your beauty in all types of apparel with our suite of hair removal services and never have to worry about body hair ever again.

4.  Ensures Your Hygiene

As we alluded to earlier, improper hair removal can result in long term skin care issues. From nasty rashes to razor burns, the consequences of poor hair removal practices can generally cause more harm than good. Hair removal treatment not only circumvents that but also helps maintain hygiene in the long run as well. In Singapore’s humid and tropical climate, excessive hair can result in prolonged perspiration and generation of body odour. Removing unsightly and unnecessary body hair reduces perspiration, and keeps your body fresh through the day. Look good, smell good and feel good with Sheroxi’s full body  hair removal treatment package.

5.  Helps You Smell Good

Not only practical for good hygiene, hair removal also mitigates any body odour and funk you might gather from going about your day. Body odour, caused by the accumulation of sweat and bacteria, is a challenge that those of us in warmer climates tend to be faced with. Having underarm hair, which needlessly traps sweat and bacteria, contributes to production of body odour and unpleasant aromas that should be avoided at all costs. As much as shaving your underarms might help, there is inevitably some residual stubble that will be impossible to remove. Hence, professional full body hair removal treatment that possess the right tools are the only foolproof solution to clean, smooth, and hairless underarms.

Go For A Hair Removal Service With Sheroxi

The benefits of hair removal services are plenty, and if you’re considering taking the first step towards sculpting and removing body hair - book your first session with Sheroxi today. Contact us for a consultation today or head down to our outlet at 69 Holland Ave, Singapore 278990 and begin your journey to a body hair-free you.