The Most Basic Skincare You Need To Start On Today

The Most Basic Skincare Routine You Need To Start On Today

You’re finally home from a long hard day of work, and all you want to do is wolf down your dinner and head for your warm cosy bed.

The lazy side of you emerges once you hit the hay. Just thinking about the products you have to apply in the 10-step skincare Korean routine you’ve heard so much about, makes you want to skip it entirely. And even if you do go about to it, you effectively doze off in the middle before even applying your sleeping mask.

If all your days end like this, it’s no wonder your skin condition isn’t at it’s best.

Beauty takes effort, but we don’t always have the time or energy for it as a busy working professional.

What if you could extrapolate all the essential elements of skincare and put it into one straightforward routine?

Here’s an official, minimal effort 5-step skincare routine. Perfect for lazy girls all over the world, just like you.

Step 1: Cleanse your face

Simple enough, right? Most of you should be able to easily clear this first step, so we’ll keep it brief.

Wash your face with your favourite facial cleanser, every morning, night and after a workout. It’s best not to wash too excessively, even if it’s oily, because your skin might end up overcompensating in sebum.

Invest in a good scrub or deep pore cleanser to be used every 2-3 days to eliminate stubborn dirt and grime in your skin.

Step 2: Soothe Skin


Have you noticed redness in areas of your face but you’re not quite sure why? Due to elements like particulate matter or air pollutants from the outdoors, your skin can get agitated or inflamed, particularly if you have a sensitive complexion.


Nourish and protect your skin from the harsh conditions of the environment. You can do both with this dual-purpose Sheroxi HydraBoost & Soothe Facial Spray. As gentle as water and easy to apply, just one or two quick spritzes soothes your complexion. Fast and easy, no effort is required to massage it into your skin.

If you’re on the move, spray on-the-go and keep your skin safe from harmful oxidative damage and UV rays.

Step 3: Reduce pores

Even after cleansing your face, you’ve noticed that your pores are still seemingly large if you take a close look in the mirror.

After a whole day out and about, there are air particles and dirt that can deeply lodge into your skin, particularly if you’ve been wearing makeup.

This step focuses on cleansing your pores thoroughly so that your pores shrink back to its natural size. And the best way to do that is with a toner.

For a toner that does more than clean your pores, try the Hydro Skin Rebalancing Toner. Its speeds up skin cell renewal, repairs skin blemishes and rebalances oil and moisture levels in your skin.

Step 4: Hydrate

Complexion problems like unsightly redness from being too dry, overproductive facial oil glands, and increased acne can all be tied back to an imbalance of moisture in your skin.

Just by keeping your skin properly hydrated, it makes a significant change to your natural complexion, which makes this step a major one you can’t afford to miss in your skincare routine.

The best kind of moisturizer is one that is gentle yet powerful. Made with herbal extracts, the Intensive Recovery Lotion effectively injects moisture back into dull, sallow skin.

Small but potent, it restores vitality in your skin cells. And because it’s ingredients are so mellow, it’s suitable for sensitive and combination skin types too.

Step 5: Turn Back Time

A preventive measure for ageing skin required in all skincare routines. Protect your complexion from wrinkles, and restore bounce with anti-ageing creams. 

Turn back the clock and retrieve younger-looking skin with the Supreme Effects Cream. It’s concentrated with anti-ageing properties which your skin will instantly absorb so that you can nod off to sleep sooner.

Improve Your Natural Complexion

Consistency and daily nourishment is the secret to naturally beautiful skin.

With a skincare routine that is short and efficient, you'll be able to cover all the bases with fewer products—Saving you money and time before the Z monster catches up on you.

Define beauty with your skin through this simple 5-step guide. Even better, get all the products mentioned and more in this cost-saving Sheroxi Daily Skincare Set.

Keep up with facial care and express your natural beauty every day. Or check out the beauty services we offer if you’re thinking of some self-pampering.