Skin Trouble: The Official Treatment For Dull, Sallow Skin

Does your skin look so dull and grey you’d be mistaken for a zombie? You’ll do anything to feel human and radiant again, but you haven’t been able to find the cure to your facial problems. 

In the meantime, your sallow complexion betrays all the long days and sleepless nights you’ve been going through. These blemishes have become exceedingly telling in the Zoom video calls you’ve been having, which you want to shy away from but can’t avoid due to the semi-lockdown in Singapore.

Whether in the virtual or physical world, you deserve to get your confidence back on track and glow with self-pride. Scroll to find out how to salvage your dull, sallow skin in 3 easy steps, so you can step out of the shadows and be carefree out in the open sun again.

But first, let’s find out why dull grey skin happens in the first place!

What Is Dull Skin Caused By?

It can happen anytime and without warning. One day, you’ll gaze in the mirror only to realise your skin looking grey, zapped from all life and energy. While it might seem like a sudden development, dull skin problems result from a combination of issues over time. It’s why most people end up questioning, “Has my skin always been like this?”. It’s common not to be able to put the finger on it, but the reason why the glow has left your face is linked to your lifestyle choices and a derailed self-care routine. There are several causes of dull, sallow skin, so let’s go through some of the most prevalent ones.


One of the leading causes of dull, sallow skin is dehydration. Without sufficient moisture for the skin, it opens up a whole host of problems like skin discolouration, fine lines and wrinkles, as well as itchy and inflamed skin.

Lack of Exfoliation

Exfoliation removes dead skin cells, which can form a thick dry, dull-looking layer on the surface. By exfoliating, it can restore moisture and radiance to your skin.

Insufficient Sleep

Without getting the right amount of Zs at night, your skin’s pH balance becomes disrupted, and it also affects moisture levels in your skin.

Lack of essential vitamins

Suppose your body is deficient in certain essential vitamins like vitamin D. In that case, it results in dry skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis, which can lead to dullness and discolouration of your skin.

Improper skincare

No matter how perfect your natural skin condition is, everyone needs proper skincare to supply your dermis with the skin food it needs. Without this, your skin will lose its original vibrancy and start to deteriorate into a sallow complexion.

What Can You Do To Get Rid of Dull Skin?

Fortunately, all of the above effects are reversible. As long as you diligently commit to these 3 quick steps and include them in your everyday routine, you’ll be well on your way to getting rid of dull skin.

1. Hydrate

Moisturize at the deepest levels, and you’ll be surprised with the difference it makes. While an on-the-go hydrating facial spray helps, we’re looking for moisture penetration deep into facial tissue. If you’re wondering how to hydrate your skin from the inside, the best kind of moisturising lotion for dry skin is the Intensive Recovery Lotion

Since working from home gives more time to spare now, start your skin rejuvenation plan with the Herbal-blend Powder Mask. There’s a full range of mask types to choose from, whether you need a blanket solution to a better complexion or targeted treatments for specific skin conditions. Browse today!

2. Whiten

To bring radiance back into your skin, nourish and improve your complexion with the Collagen Boosting Whitening Cream. The collagen helps your skin tissue gain its long lost bounce and elasticity, and the whitening component brightens dull, sallow skin, killing two birds with one stone!

3. Activate 

For lasting effects, the final step of this guide requires activating healthy skin cells so that your glowing skin will endure in the long term. Invest in an excellent dull skin treatment like the Polypeptide Cellular Activating Essence for your skin. This naturally-derived essence can enhance the healing of damaged skin cells and turn back the signs of ageing with tighter-looking skin.

Buy Moisturizer Online And End Dull Skin Once And For All

The bottom line is, having dull, sallow skin isn’t the end of the world like most zombie apocalypses. It’s reversible with the most hydrating skincare treatments that give you youthful-looking skin again. Try this today to glow from within and define beauty with your skin!