Skin Trouble: How To Minimize Pores With More Than A Toner

In your favourite Korean dramas, you often see refined, skin-tight pores that are everyone’s dream. It’s only natural to start asking yourself:

How do I get that Korean glass skin look

Is skin like that possible for me?

Is a pore minimizing toner all I can do for my skin?

A simple search online for "How to reduce large pores"' would instantly show many solutions. But more often than not, they point towards commercial products like skin toners, exfoliants, and deep facial pore cleansers. With these skincare products on hand, they mostly unclog your pores, but they can't reduce the size of your pores effectively.

Instead, let us show you how to minimize your pores in just 2 effective steps. But before we go into the solution, let's find out what the leading causes of large facial pores are in the first place.

What Are Large Pores Caused By?

girl concerned over large pores

Over productive Sebum And Clogged Pores

Pores with sebum glands tend to appear more prominent, especially if they're clogged. It's a common problem for oily skin types due to the overproduction of sebum.

Sun Damage And Enlarged Pores

In sunny, tropical Singapore, UV ray exposure is an everyday thing. You can't leave home without applying essential sunscreen or sunblock, and some of us even have a travel-sized bottle to keep us protected throughout the long day. 

Most of us stick to a strict sun protection regime only because of the UV damage on the skin. But did you know that sun rays can also cause pores to enlarge? Exposure to UV makes skin thicken, dry, and sag, resulting in big pores surfacing on your complexion.

Ageing And Lost Of Elasticity

Our skin loses its smoothness and elasticity as we age due to the natural breakdown of collagen and elastin fibres in the dermal layer that adds firmness and tone to our skin. When that happens, fine lines and wrinkles are not the only worries you'll have. Our pores also slowly enlarge as a result, which can cause unattractive blackheads to form on the face too.

What Happens If Large Pores Go Untreated?

Enlarged pores are not just an unattractive flaw of your complexion, it can also affect your skin's health over time. Large pores can easily see a buildup of sebum, dirt, and bacteria. If left untreated, it can lead to skin problems like acne breakouts.

Now that you know the size of your pores matters, keep your skin healthy and glowing by following these steps.

Reduce Your Pores In 2 Easy Steps

1. Deep Pore Refining Facial Care Service

woman having a facial spa session

There’s nothing like getting a deep cleanse for your pores at the hands of the experts. Different from what you can get from at-home remedies, a professional facial spa treatment in Singapore goes to the root of the problem and restores your skin condition to its former glory.

A deep cleansing facial spa service at Sheroxi alone combines many steps in your regular beauty regime and beyond with advanced pore technology and expertise.

Steps during the Deep Pore Refining Facial includes: 

  1. A cleanse with natural herbal ingredients
  2. Softening of blackheads
  3. Hot steam facial treatment
  4. Alice Bubble Machine for pore suction 
  5. Facial scrubber for a deep cleanse 
  6. Manual extraction by specialists
  7. A soothing mask to calm your skin
  8. LED light facial treatment
  9. A relaxing face massage 
  10. After facial skincare

2. After-facial Care

sheroxi deep hydrating mask

To lengthen the Deep Pore Refining Facial results, use the Smooth & Glow Deep Hydrating Mask, and you're good to go! This mask not only suppresses pigmentation to make your skin glow from within but also stimulates skin cell recovery for better-looking skin. Hurry and grab a few while the exclusive NDP promotion is still on!

Get Rid Of Acne Today!

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At last, a skincare regime that effectively refines your pores effortlessly. Let the professionals do the work and treat your skin to the best deep cleansing facial spa in Singapore with a trip down to the Sheroxi store at 269 Holland Avenue. 

Enjoy a clean, healthy complexion with easy maintenance at home too. Try it today!