Skin Trouble: How To Get Rid Of Panda Eyes in 3 Steps

As cute as the name sounds, panda eyes are anything but. They make you look sallow, tired, aged, and unwell. Worst of all, you’re more aware of how bad your dark circles have become now that more and more pushy salespeople from skin beauty shops could spot you from a mile away.

If this sounds like you, then you’re an unfortunate victim of panda eyes. What’s more, these stubborn imperfections seem to take on a life of their own. They grow ever darker with each passing day and sully your once radiant and youthful eyes. It’s not the most attractive trait, and no amount of cakey concealers can cover up this flaw.

But you won’t have to put up with it any more because, with this secret guide to bright, beautiful eyes, you can now swipe panda eyes away like a harmless AR age filter.

Before we spill the beans, let’s dig deep and find out what causes panda eye problems in the first place.

What are Panda Eyes Caused By?

A snapshot of your typical day probably shows you up and about with only 4 to 5 hours of sleep. Then you’re running around all day without sparing much time for yourself to eat properly or drink sufficient fluids.

Within this scenario alone, there are already a few red warning flags that contribute to panda eyes.

Let’s go through them one by one, shall we?

Insufficient sleep

One of the primary causes of panda eyes is sleep deprivation. In individuals with insufficient sleep, skin moisture, pH levels, and collagen growth are stunted. This causes your skin to look pale, paper-thin and aged. It can also cause water retention and puffy eyes. Combining these factors makes the red and blue blood vessels underneath your skin more pronounced, giving you the unfortunate effect of panda eyes.

Natural ageing

The skin around your eyes loses its elasticity and tension as you age. The youthful fat that used to hold up your eyes will also tend to shift to the lower eyelid, which then causes dark and puffy eye circles. This is why panda eyes are associated as an undesirable telltale sign of age too.

Genetics and allergies

Sinus allergies can dilate the tiny blood vessels under your eye, casting the effect of dark shadows or that familiar purple tinge. It’s worsened if the allergic reaction causes itchiness because it brings on rubbing, which then exacerbates skin irritation and causes puffy panda eyes.

What can you do to get rid of dark eye circles?

Everyone knows the classic trick of using cool cucumber slices, a cold metal spoon, or a face mask straight out of the fridge. It’s not just a trick to cool down in sunny Singapore, but it works to constrict the blood vessels under your eyes.

But wouldn’t it be better if we could target the root cause of panda eyes? Here are 3 easy steps to revitalize your skin and nip dark eye circles in the bud.

1. Treatment           

Panda eyes are a sign that you're fighting exhaustion everyday. So the first thing about avoiding dark circles is to pamper your eyes with proper treatment first.

A collagen-boosting eye spa is recommended to increase collagen absorption and revitalize the skin under your eyes. The eye spa at Sheroxi lightens dark circles, improves micro-circulation to firm up and lift your tired looking eyes. It also stimulates collagen synthesis, brightens, and smoothen your eye area to eliminate any trace of dark circles.

Using the Signature Revitalising Bo Jin Eye Treatment will give the added boost you need for bright youthful eyes. This formula targets meridian points to promote healthy Qi flow, diminishes dark circles, puffy eyes and eye bags. Furthermore, it boosts healthy blood circulation and lifts your eye contours for younger-looking peepers.

2. Nourish

Nourishing eye serums and anti-ageing eye creams are skincare products that are chemically formulated to target your eyes. Massage your choice eye serum or cream into your daily nighttime routine before going to bed. This helps aid skin repair and rejuvenation while you sleep for fresh-looking eyes the next day.

Get your hands on the secret ingredient to youthful eyes with Retinol. Also known as Vitamin A1, it’s the skin food that turns back the clock. Using natural herbs with high Retinol, Sheroxi High Performance Time Defence Eye Serum is the best anti-ageing eye cream, formulated to release nutrients over 24 hours for constant eye nourishment.

3. Take Care of Yourself

Your health and wellness will show on your complexion too. Avoid smoking and alcohol; the former deprives oxygen and makes your skin appear darker; the latter dilates blood vessels under your eyes. 

Above all, make sure you get sufficient sleep to get rid of tired red eyes. And last but not least, eat healthily, so you glow inside and out.

Getting rid of panda eyes can be as easy as 1,2,3. Start today and say goodbye to dark eye circles!