Skin Trouble: All The Answers To Prevent Mask Acne

How to Prevent Mask Acne

It’s an embarrassing blemish that causes your insecurities to bubble over whenever you have a meal or drink in public. Ever since the global pandemic started, it’s been a growing problem everyone’s trying to solve. It’s not innocent vanity anymore, but a question of your skin’s health and wellness: it’s mask acne.

What is Mask Acne?

What is Mask AcneBrought on by the need to don face masks for long periods every day, acne growth under your face mask is a burgeoning concern these days. These are its characteristics:

  • It only affects the bottom half of your face hidden behind the mask, and
  • It can come in the form of chin and jawline acne, as well as pimples on your nose, chin and upper lip.

At the moment, it might seem impossible to protect your health and your skin at the same time, but we’re here to tell you there’s no need to compromise. This article will help you get to the crux of the problem by looking into the causes of mask acne and what you can do to prevent them once and for all.

What is Mask Acne Caused By?

Your Mask

Masks cause acne due to the moisture that’s trapped in your mask as you breathe. The friction and rubbing between the slightly damp mask and your face introduce bacteria and dirt. Combine this with prolonged exposure throughout the day, and you’ll get mask acne.

But there are also other factors that make you more prone to getting mask acne.

Nutrition and Diet

Prevent Mask Acne - Nutrition & DietAn unbalanced diet can lead to hormonal imbalances that cause overproduction of sebum and result in oily skin susceptible to acne. This can cause bacteria and dead skin cells to clog up your pores.


If you’re not using the right kind of cosmetics for your  , it will exacerbate acne growth. For instance, if you already have oily skin, oil-based makeup can clog up your pores further and cause breakouts.

Conscientiously cleansing your face with the right makeup remover and toner for acne skin is also essential to go deep and get rid of built-up dirt and clogged pores.

What Can You Do To Control Mask Acne?

Cast aside all your dilemmas and frustrations because here are some tools you can arm yourself with to fix the problem.

Tips to Prevent Mask Acne

Defence: One Quick Spritz To Protect Your Skin

The last thing you want on your face is a strong chemical product that burns your painful breakouts. Look for a skincare product that contains clean, herbal and organic ingredients that protects you on-the-go.

An invisible veil that shields your skin and boosts your resistance to harmful pollutants in the environment—the lightweight Sheroxi HydraBoost & Soothe Facial Spray. It contains natural extracts like distilled Damask and Rose Hydrosol that have anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant properties, so your skin is protected all day long with each spritz.

 Prevent Mask Acne - Soothe & Heal Skin

Recovery: Soothe and Start the Healing

Red and sore acne can be quite painful and uncomfortable. You can relieve your skin with acne cream or a cool facial mask sheet to soothe the irritation after wearing your mask the whole day.

An overnight facial mask with nourishing properties will help your skin look and feel better when you wake. Brimming with herbal extracts that repairs and restores, the Sheroxi Exquisite Herbal-blend Powder Mask is the best face mask for targeting your facial acne. Put your skin back on the road to recovery with the Acne Clean Mask.

Regenerate: Rebuild That Bounce

Prevent Mask Acne - Rejunenate Bouncy SkinAfter protecting, soothing, and healing your skin, it’s time to inject some life into your cells. Increase the synthesis of collagen and elastin to restore your skin’s bounciness with a skin serum of essence.

Working from within, the Sheroxi Polypeptide Cellular Activating Essence uses natural amino acids to moisturize and regenerate your skin with a youthful bounce.

Look Beautiful Inside Your Mask and Out

Skincare products and tools can go a long way in helping you solve mask acne problems, but don’t forget to take care of yourself at the end of the day. The basic steps of proper facial cleansing and eating healthy still applies. And don’t forget to relieve stress and give yourself some well-deserved fun too! Achieve all this, and you’ll successfully define beauty with your skin.

 Steps to Prevent Mask Acne