Skin Trouble: 3 Simple Steps To Get Acne Clear Skin!

There's nothing like waking up on a big day excited for what's to come. But low and behold, even though you've taken precautions with your diet and got a full 8 hours of sleep, your complexion still decided to break out overnight—not so fun, huh?

It's only natural to want beautiful, radiant skin, but not everyone is lucky enough to be gifted with a flawless complexion. On top of that, acne has a social stigma attached to it that most people would be embarrassed by. So it's understandable that, in the case of preventing acne breakouts, we all try everything possible to make it go away.

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But, not everyone knows how, and some even end up making it worse! Popping acne can often lead to inflamed skin or worse, acne scars. Without the proper treatments, most people are often led down a rabbit hole and spend large sums on ineffective solutions.

The right approach towards acne clear skin is first to find out why they happen in the first place. By doing so, we can tackle acne problems at their roots and achieve acne-free skin!

What Is Acne Caused By?

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One of the world's most common skin conditions is acne, and it's becoming more and more prevalent in modern society. So what causes a breakout?

Acne breakouts are usually due to hormones or stress that comes from school or work. These are external triggers resulting from a lifestyle or even personal habits that need a change. Stress can cause hormonal levels to fluctuate too, which stimulates acne in adults, even if you're way past puberty.

But for some others, it's an internal cause. Pimples can result from a genetic predisposition of oily skin, which means your glands produce more facial oil than necessary, which tends to worsen during puberty. And for more severe cases, cystic acne can occur, which is when pores are blocked with oils from your body's sebaceous glands.

3 Simple Steps To Acne-Free Skin

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To achieve clear, beautiful skin, your skin must first be healthy. Bring your complexion to the pink of health in these 3 easy steps.

1. Herbal Soap

Herbal Soap

The first and most crucial step to healthy, acne clear skin is to ensure your face is clean. But that doesn't mean using harsh, abrasive chemicals or things like changing products every week, over washing your face, or aggressive exfoliation strips moisture from your cells.

Overcomplicating your skincare regime can work against you as your skin works doubly hard to replace moisture in your cells. This further exacerbates your acne problem and causes flare-ups, irritation and even worsens breakouts. 

Instead, look for gentle, natural ingredients in your facial cleanser. Or replace your store-bought cleanser with a handcrafted herbal soap that's formulated for a deep facial cleanse while still keeping the essential moisture your skin needs.

 2. Herbal Cream

Sheroxi Herbal Cream

As mentioned, the key to caring for acne-prone skin is all in natural simplicity. 

If your skin is acne-prone, environmental aggressors such as air pollutants, free radicals, bacteria and allergens can all trigger a breakout—all of which are a common threat in an urban city.

The best way to prevent acne in Singapore is to focus your skincare on a herbal cream that soothes and relieves redness from your skin. Because this natural herbal cream is light on the skin, it reduces the likelihood of acne scarring as well.

3. Acne Clean Mask

Sheroxi Herbal Blend Powder Mask

The last step of your clear skin beauty regime is to heal and restore. And what better way to do so than by ending off with a facial mask. After being exposed to a full day of external elements in Singapore that risk acne flare-ups, build balance back into your skin with 15-30 minute facial care at home.

Specially formulated with traditional Chinese herbs, try the Acne Clean Mask. It combines the best-powdered herbs for acne care and prevention with raw egg white foam for a deep cleanse to reduce acne.

Get Rid Of Acne Today!

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With consistent effort and a good skin care regimen in place, your skin’s complexion will improve in no time. 

For a one-on-one skin consultation for the abovementioned acne treatments, visit our Singapore shop at 269 Holland Avenue or contact us today!

Look forward to clear skin that’s free from acne, and confidently define beauty with your skin.