How To Choose The Best Makeup Remover in Singapore For The Health Nut

Dolling up and looking great on a night out in town should not have to come with consequences of skin acne, dryness or even irritation. Unfortunately, when you’re trying to remove layers of makeup, what you think is a healthy step, can turn out to be harmful to your skin.

Ah, the makeup remover. It’s a part of the beauty routine that not many people pay much attention to or think deeply about. But if you’re starting to develop doubts on whether the makeup remover is good for your skin, you’re in the right place.

With these tips, feel liberated from worries of skin concerns when you’re applying cosmetics for a magical evening. Find out all about what regular makeup removers do to your skin, what ingredients you need to look out for, and how to get rid of every bit of your makeup the right way.

Are Conventional Makeup Removers Bad For Your Skin?

Makeup removers need to be powerful enough to lift waterproof cosmetics like everlasting mascaras, all-day foundations, and stubborn eyeliners. But is it possible that the makeup removers you use every day are stripping essential nutrients from your skin?

The secret lies in the ingredients used. Because makeup removers work by dissolving your makeup, they contain solvents. If left unwashed, solvents and other chemical residues can dehydrate, cause breakouts and agitate your skin.

Sounds scary? While you might think of evading this entirely by skipping makeup removers, that’s not advisable at all. Whether you have sensitive skin, oily skin, dry skin, ageing skin or any other skin type, removing makeup is crucial to ensure you relieve your pores from accumulated dirt and impurities. Otherwise, you’re more likely to end up with acne breakouts and a deteriorating skin complexion.

Instead, find a remover that’s healthy for all skin conditions. How? The next time you remove makeup, take a closer look at the bottle’s ingredients list. If you see skin-drying surfactants, pore-clogging mineral oils and carcinogenic parabens, it’s probably best to swap out your current remover.

For the best makeup remover and the safest option in Singapore, here’s what you need to look out for.

What To Look For In A Makeup Remover For Healthy Skin?

When purchasing a makeup remover, opt for natural ingredients. While it might seem contrary, there are specially formulated herbal solutions with powerful lifting properties as well. They can even go against long-wearing waterproof makeup to give you squeaky clean skin.

More than simply removing cosmetics, find an organic makeup remover that does more for your skin. As gentle as water without the rinse, the Sheroxi Smoothing & Toning Makeup Remover is perfect for sensitive skin. The natural herbs in this skin product liberate makeup impurities and nourish your skin with moisture. As a bonus, it even acts as a toner for rebalancing your complexion’s pH levels.

Best Herbal Skincare Product After Cleanse

The optimal time to introduce skin nourishment into your beauty routine is right after makeup cleansing. This ensures your complexion is sufficiently primed to soak up all the nutritional benefits in your skincare.


With this in mind, it’s best to follow up the cleansing Smoothing & Toning Makeup Remover with a herbal anti-ageing essence for maximum absorption. And conclude your routine with a deep hydrating skincare product like a face mask.

Take The First Step To Healthy, Glowing Skin

Go beyond the commercial skincare basics and choose products that actually benefit your skin’s health and overall wellness. Now that you know what to look out for in your beauty collection, carefully select derma solutions that look after your skin, and axe those that do you more harm than good. Take control of your skincare with Sheroxi and define beauty with your skin today!