5 Steps for Glass Skin Makeup Like Korean Celebrities

Korean celebrities have been rocking the glass skin look for years now. Think – radiance and smooth pore-less tofu skin, like many female leads in K-Dramas have. If you’re into the whole K-wave and are wondering how these Korean A-listers look so good organically, we’re about to let you in on how they achieve it – in just 5 simple steps (we bet you didn’t think it would be that simple!). Be sure to stock up on these Korean beauty superstars, and you are well on your way to realising your glass skin dreams!


As the Korean glass skin is the essence of defining beauty with your skin, the look covers more than just cosmetics, but also your overall skin health too. With that said, having a robust skincare routine is essential.

  • Cleanse + Exfoliate
    At the foundation of every skincare routine is cleansing and exfoliating. Cleansing helps to sweep away excess sebum, grime and impurities that may have been accumulated throughout the day, while exfoliating allows you to buff away and remove dead skin cells.
  • Extract + Hydrate
    To recreate the glass skin makeup, you need a clear canvas to work with. Extractions might be your least favourite part of any skincare routine, but they do serve their purpose of dislodging the buildup caused by oil and dirt, which, well, cleans the canvas. And we don’t need to reiterate the importance of hydration, do we?
  • Fuse + Protect
    The last step is to saturate the skin’s surface with antioxidants and peptides to maximise your glow. This will help you achieve that dewy effect, and naturally radiant, healthy skin that shines from within.

Well, we know what you’re thinking – we said you could achieve the glass skin makeup with just 5 easy steps, but the skincare regimen itself already sounds tedious and exhausting, right? Read on, as we’ve got a little secret to share: you can achieve all of the above in just one simple step. 

Step 1: All-in-one treatment

Yes, you’ve read that right. With the Hydrafacial treatment, you can pack your complex skincare routine into just one simple step. Priced at only $99 for first-time trial, it also comes with eye treatment and skin analysis. (UP. $358)


Now, let’s get on to the exciting part!

Step 2: Apply the primer

You want your natural makeup to be long lasting and not lose its effects after only a couple of hours. Primers are products that help to smoothen your skin, keep your makeup in place, and blur pores to near invisibility. If that isn’t enough to impress you, they can also brighten your complexion, fade fine lines and add tons of moisture to your skin.

With the Collagen Boosting Whitening Cream that synergises traditional natural herbs and advanced technology, you can prime your skin while whitening and boosting collagen production at the same time. Impressive!

Step 3: Put on light moisturising foundation

To further enhance the dewy glass look, opt for a moisturising foundation that’s lightweight and has sufficient coverage on your skin (sufficient is the word here – don’t end up caking your face). Go for one that’s not matte and has a radiant finish, like the Air BB cushion.

Step 4: Go easy on the eyes

Because this is a natural look, a simple eyelash curl with clear mascara and a quick tidy-up of the eyebrows will do. This subdued eye makeup will allow your dewy complexion to take centre stage.

Step 5: A little red goes a long way

Go with a light pink blush that has a slight shimmer for your cheeks and opt for a glossy rose-tinted lip to complete the look – and ta-dah, there you have it! That youthful, glass skin makeup look!