5 Reasons To Go For A Facial Spa Treatment In Singapore

The value of proper skincare cannot be understated, from helping you look younger and slowing down the aging process, to preventing dry skin. In a world where first impressions are formed within seven seconds of meeting someone new, well managed skin goes a long way into starting relationships on the right note. As complex as skincare might sound to many, it is best to place your faith in experts such as Sheroxi for all your skincare needs, whether that’s facial care services or a facial spa treatment in Singapore. Here are 5 reasons why you should treat

1. Prevents Ageing

Time and tide waits for no man, and over the course of our lives ageing occurs inevitably. While we might not be able to avoid the effects of time, we can surely slow it down with facial spas. Targeted at reducing wrinkles and lines, tightening skin, and promoting blood circulation for younger looking skin - Sheroxi’s facial spa treatment in Singapore boosts cell regeneration and promotes collagen development which facilitate anti-aging. Take your skincare routine a step further in the comfort of your home with Sheroxi’s anti-aging products, which go a long way in aiding younger looking skin. 

2. Cleanses Your Skin

Another benefit that goes towards nurturing your skin and battling against the effects of aging involves skin cleansing during a spa facial. Detoxifying and exfoliating your skin, such practices helps get rid of waste that accumulates on it on a regular basis. Skin cleansing doesn’t have to be a complex routine or one that comes across as difficult to accomplish. Pamper yourself with Sheroxi’s 808 Derma Detox Face Treatment ($258 per session) and refresh your skin in 60 minutes. With our combination of modern-day technology and herbs from traditional Chinese medicine, you’re guaranteed to leave refreshed.

3. Stop Acne Breakouts

Facial spa treatments in Singapore can help prevent acne breakouts too by opening pores and removing any trapped dirt within the epidermis. Due to environmental factors caused by pollution and harmful UV rays, our skin works overtime to keep itself healthy. Even then, dirt and oil accumulate on the surface and clog up pores. Products such as salicylic acid used in facial spas help reduce acne and the resulting scars, preventing any lasting damage on your skin. 

4.  Boost The Absorption Abilities Of Your Skin

On the flip side, dry and sensitive skin is an issue that plagues many as well in Singapore. Further exacerbated by ageing, those that suffer from pre-existing conditions such as eczema and psoriasis should prioritise skincare even more. For starters, Sheroxi’s HydraFacial facial spa treatment ($358 per session) is a surefire way to rejuvenate and hydrate skin, providing immediate results in 45 minutes. With skin nourishing essences, lotions, and creams, elevate your skincare regime even further with our Intensive Recovery Lotion. Packed chock full of herbal extracts and moisture-binding ingredients, it aids moisture penetration into deep skin layers and absorbs quickly to help restore a balanced water-oil ratio. For more expert help, check out our recommendations for the top 4 dry skin remedies.

5.  Reduces Stress

They say it takes more muscles to frown than to smile, and constant stress causes muscles in your face to tense up increasing the likelihood of crow’s feet and frown lines. A vicious cycle - knowing that stress is causing evident effects on your skin naturally perpetuates even more stress. To break this cycle, facial spas help relieve stress and lift your mood by targeting pressure points that connect to your sympathetic nervous system. The added bonus of skincare during a facial massage provides a one-two punch in preventing pre-emptive ageing on your skin and reducing any adverse effects from stress.

Get A Facial Spa Treatment With Sheroxi

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