5-Min Guide To Skin Pigmentation Repair In Singapore

With Singapore’s strong damaging sun rays shining on your face all day long, it’s only a matter of time before you eventually develop dark spots on your skin. Skin pigmentation can be unflattering on your complexion yet tricky to hide even under thick, cakey foundation or concealer. It can affect your confidence, especially when you’re out and about, and given sun damage is the number one cause, it can affect anyone of all ages.

On par with finding the best acne cream in Singapore to cure breakouts as the most common concern in the region, many are also looking for ways to solve skin pigmentation troubles. But is it possible to make dark spots go away? The short answer is yes! There are skincare treatments you can get a hold of to fade and remove skin pigmentation.

But with so many options and bombardment of information, it’s hard to whittle down to a solution that works. From whitening creams to laser treatments and exploring  the most natural skincare ingredients good for your complexion, we’ve narrowed down a few prospects that would work for you. 

By the end of this 5-minute read, you’ll know the causes of dark spots, the different kinds of skin pigmentation, and the highlight of it all, how to get rid of them.

What Causes Pigmentation Of The Skin?

The common cause of pigmentation is exposure to the sun. But how is it that external light can cause dark patches to form on your skin? The answer lies in the harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. Exposure to this radiation results in the excessive production of melanin in the skin. And melanin is an organic chemical compound that causes skin to colour, which makes you tan on a hot day or causes hyperpigmentation in more extreme cases.

If your skin isn’t protected or treated correctly, these spotted freckles can grow or even darken. But before you panic and start looking for a solution, it’s vital to know and identify what kind of skin pigmentation you have first.

Different Types Of Skin Pigmentation

Freckles: A mild form of skin pigmentation that usually takes the form of small, irregular spots which can grow or darken on your skin over time.

Solar Lentigines: Also commonly known as age spots, they are generally more prominent spots relative to freckles and are also caused by sun damage. The more unprotected sun exposure you have, the darker these spots become.

Melasma: Much larger in size than freckles or solar lentigines; these are commonly found around the cheek area and are caused by hormonal changes. But these patches are also exacerbated by sun exposure.

Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation: These would be the darkened or discoloured skin you get from pimple scars, chemical peels, or facial abrasions resulting from melanin.

How Do You Get Rid Of Skin Pigmentation?

As with all skin pigmentation problems, the root cause comes from excessive melanin production or the effects of harmful UV rays.

For protection in sunny Singapore, use the Collagen Boosting Face Whitening Cream before heading out. Mop up free radicals caused by the sun with a skin repair cream like the Sheroxi Intensive Recovery Lotion, which you can also use on the go.

But to effectively target melanin and oxyhaemoglobin, it’s recommended to go with a laser treatment. Enjoy a Photorejuvenation facial with Sheroxi and reduce any unsightly skin pigmentation or freckles significantly! More than that, restore a youthful appearance and improve your skin texture for a brighter complexion. Mitigate any skin redness and minimise pores and scars for flawless, glowing skin.

Get The Skin You Love Today

Take action and let your skin shine through! With a good understanding of what causes skin pigmentation and how your body works, you can now select the proper skin repair treatment in Singapore for a sure way to combat this problem. Don’t hesitate. Define beauty with your skin today! 

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