4 Things You Need In Skincare Products To Survive Singapore

Have you ever experienced this? The thrill of buying a branded line of skincare products from a reputable online store that teems with wonderful reviews globally. Only to plunge into utter despair when you find out the whole suite of skincare you just bought doesn't work on your skin at all. Especially not in good old, hot, humid, sunny Singapore. Frustrating, isn't it?

There's the anguish in the wasted cash you've invested, but that's only sunk physical cost. What's more of a kick in the gut is the dashed hope of never finding a daily skincare product that works for you in this forsaken tropical paradise.

Au contraire, there's hope yet because you're forgetting one crucial thing. What works for others in the Western hemisphere doesn't necessarily work for you. Skincare products found online are manufactured, tried, and tested in a different country. Besides the differences between our Asian skin and our fairer counterparts, the weather also plays a prominent role in influencing your skin's condition. Here's how.

What Singapore’s Weather Does To Your Skin

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One admirable trait of our Little Red Dot is that it's summer all year round. While it's the perfect warm reprieve from cold winters for our tourist friends, the prolonged UV ray exposure to us locals has damaging effects on our skin. A tan might look appealing, but your complexion tends to age faster and dehydrate when not adequately protected from the sun.

The next troublesome weather problem your skin has to contend with as a local is Singapore's high heat and humidity. That means the sweat on your skin doesn't evaporate quickly, which becomes highly attractive to harmful dust and bacteria. Without proper defence in place for your skin, your complexion will become prone to unsightly breakouts and acne—yikes!

Lastly, although we're known as a clean and green city, Singapore is still a busy urban metropolis. From dust in the air, exhaust from modern vehicles on the street to industrial chemicals in our modern civilization. The living environment here can contain air pollutants and free radicals that cause irritation, inflammation and even damage to your skin.

It's no wonder perfect skin seems to be such a far-off dream here in Singapore. What then should you look out for in daily skincare products to survive Singapore's weather conditions, you ask? Here are 4 elements you need in your skincare that will give your skin a fighting chance.  

What To Look Out For In Your Daily Skincare Products

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Rekindle your hopes of a beauty regime that finally works for you with these 4 basic elements.

1. Herbal Extract

Sheroxi Herbal Extract

Instead of piling on more chemicals on your already taxed face, go the natural route. Look out for natural herbal extracts and ingredients to give your face the additional soothing properties it needs. The key to using natural herbs in skin care products is to give your skin nourishment without overloading your cells, so it remains light and fresh, even if you do get exposed to nasty pollutants when you head out.

Sheroxi Hydraboost Soothe Facial Spray

To keep your skin's defences up throughout the day, a quick spritz on the go of the Hydraboost Soothe Facial Spray will do the trick. This spray protects your skin from obnoxious environmental aggressors and pumps your cells with essential vitamins and moisture.

2. Rebalancing Properties

With Singapore's fast-changing weather from rain to shine, the humidity levels here fluctuate. Amidst this, rebalancing your skin's pH and moisture levels to the right degree is exceptionally important. Otherwise, your skin will become susceptible to external stressors like allergens, bacteria and pollutants.

Hydro Skin Rebalancing Toner

As a vital part of your daily skincare routine, make sure to incorporate this Hydro Skin Rebalancing Toner product for healthy skin even in a bustling cityscape.

3. Anti-ageing Elements

It's never too early to start looking for skincare products with anti-ageing properties (e.g. collagen booster, Vitamin B3, Vitamin A), especially since you'll need to combat Singapore's sun and the signs of ageing UV ray exposures cause. 

To further combat ageing skin, make deep nourishment part of your beauty regime strategy. Look out for essential vitamins like Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, and Palmitic Acid for skin replenishment and repair.

Sheroxi Intensive Recovery Lotion

For a deep nourishment skincare solution covering you both night and day in Singapore, use the Intensive Recovery Lotion. It's packed with herbal extracts that transform even the dullest skin into a glowing, radiant complexion.

4. Lightweight Moisture

Sheroxi Supreme Effects Cream

Lastly, go for lightweight moisture with quick absorption, so it doesn't weigh on your face in Singapore's humidity and attract dust or bacteria. Perfect for this job are natural herbs skincare products, Supreme Effects Cream and Supreme Effects Ultra Moisturising Cream.

Refresh Your Beauty Routine

There you have it! 4 must-have elements in your skincare products to survive Singapore’s weather conditions. 

Incorporate this beauty routine into your everyday life and impress your friends and family by defining beauty with your skin. Don’t believe us? Try it today!