4 Beauty Tips To Be Camera Ready On Social Media

In the social media age, everybody wants to look good and the vast majority walk around with cameras that can immortalise pictures for decades to come. It is plain to see why many of us are invested in appearing presentable in front of the camera. 

Beauty care might sound daunting, but it's all about self-care at the end of the day. Treating your skin well and practising good skin care habits should be embraced as much as exercising regularly and consuming a well-balanced diet. If you still feel worried about where to begin, fret not. Let Sheroxi, an organic skincare expert in Singapore, get you started with some beauty tips and tricks.

1. Enjoy An Eye Massage

The mere mention of the word “massage” generally conjures images of a tiny yet strong masseuse, stood next to a massage table kneading out muscle knots. Hence, the apprehension that appears when the word “eye massage” is  brought out is entirely understandable. In this instance, an eye massage is simply the act of using the fingertips of one’s index and middle fingers to tap circles around the eyes gently. Eye massages boost circulation around the said area, improve blood flow to ease inflammation and reduce the appearance of dark circles under the eyes.

If using your own hands strikes you as a little unsanitary and dangerous, you can always go to a professional. Drop by Sheroxi’s store at 269 Holland Ave to enjoy a Signature Revitalising Bo Jin Eye Treatment (30 min $188/session) that is perfect for freshening tired muscles under your eyes. It is a traditional massage utilising a specialised tool that helps stimulate and massage pressure points located around the eyes. Paired with Sheroxi’s eye serum for dark circles, your social media followers will probably have to wear shades to obscure the overwhelming twinkles in your eyes. Keep your skin glowing with our skincare collection today!

2. Apply Contour For A V-shaped Face

Using contour facilitates a slim, oval face, ending in a sharp chin, and is sometimes referred to as a V-shaped face. Apart from giving you a more youthful appearance, this beauty tip accentuates facial features and provides a distinct jawline with minimal effort. With the power of make-up, you can use concealer and a contour palette to highlight your chin and features further, providing contrast and that highly sought-after glow on your social media posts.

To maintain a V-shaped face long term, consider Sheroxi’s V-life Visage Treatment (Face: $428 per session/60 min, Face + Neck: $488 per session/90 min, Face+Neck+Customised Facial Treatment: $588 per session/120 min) for a longer-lasting effect compared to makeup. Apart from the clear cosmetic benefits, this particular treatment also promotes cellular metabolism to stimulate collagen production while tightening up and smoothing out lines and wrinkles, providing an instantly lifted V-shape face. Head down to our store at 269 Holland Ave to experience a more youthful look now!

3. Use BB Cream

An all-in-one solution to Singapore's harsh and sunny environment, blemish balm (BB) cream is the go-to skincare product for most women. Sheroxi’s Air Cushion BB Cream is the answer to a quick spruce up before a photo-taking session with its hydration benefits for the skin and SPF protection.

As a simple beauty tip, apply the BB cream to any blemishes on the skin or to any uneven skin tones post-make up, and you’ll be Instagram-ready. In conjunction with the benefits mentioned above for your skin, Sheroxi’s Air Cushion BB Cream is sure to be a staple in every woman's everyday bag. The BB Cream can be paired with our Collagen Boosting Whitening Cream for a natural look that protects your skin under the Singapore sun. Additionally, our Hydraboost & Soothe Facial Spray is a simple and light moisturiser with hydrating properties that you can carry around and use before applying the Whitening and BB cream to look fabulous on social media. Check out Sheroxi’s herb-based makeup products to let your natural beauty shine through even in the Singapore heat. 

4.  Select Nude Lip Colours 

Applying Kylie Jenner’s beauty tip for fuller lips can highlight your facial features even more. By layering concealer under your lip colour, you can blur the line between your lips and face. Double down on using nude lip colours and trace the outline of your natural lip line using a lip liner. Then, fill in your lips with matching lipstick or finish off with a layer of lip gloss for that signature social media pout.

Fashion gurus also recommend adding contour shade under your bottom lip to cast a slight shadow and make them look poutier. Start with a small amount and add more later as and when you need to.

Glow Up Permanently With Sheroxi

As handy and life-saving as these beauty tips are, nothing beats the importance of self-care and good skincare routines. Trust in professionals and glow up permanently with Sheroxi today, with our suite of facial spa treatments, organic skincare and make-up products in Singapore.