3 BIG Reasons Natural Skincare Ingredients Trumps Synthetic

Synthetic: something made to imitate a natural product. When you think of artificial ingredients, harsh chemicals and harmful preservatives force themselves into your mind—a product of big corporations trying to keep costs low while pushing production quantities higher and more profitable.

It's not uncommon for anyone to have a bad reaction to a regime of synthetic skincare products. What's more, if you have sensitive skin, it can prove to be very challenging to find commercial products that don't have adverse effects on your skin. 

But why use synthetic ingredients when you could go for the real deal? Whether choosing skincare products based on your skin type, or surviving Singapore’s testing weather, it wouldn't matter anymore if you have natural solutions on your side. 

Natural skincare ingredients work gently and effectively on all skin types and conditions. Even if you don't have sensitive or problematic skin, you'll still want to consider swapping synthetic skincare products for natural skincare products in Singapore. Here are 3 big reasons why.

1. Internal Balance And Harmony

Internal Balance And Harmony

If you don't know it yet, your body is a great machine! Our internal systems are equipped with sensors that automatically adjust hormonal and biochemical levels when it detects something is off. All so that we're always functioning at an optimum. But all of this depends on one crucial thing: balance. 

Our internal ecosystem is incredibly sensitive, so when it's tipped over the edge ever so slightly, we'll start seeing bad reactions like acne breakouts, rashes, or crack lines from overly dry skin. And those are just the physical problems we can see. The danger of using synthetic ingredients has also been tied to causing inherent damage like cancer to our bodies, especially when used for a prolonged time.

Common synthetic ingredients hidden in skincare products are:

  • Preservatives like Parabens can throw your hormone levels off and cause imbalances. It's a carcinogenic element that runs the risk of causing cancer.
  • Ingredients like Urea can cause dermatitis, and it's a chemical that can induce skin irritations.
  • Petroleum Jelly, commonly found in moisturizers, gives the impression that it helps dry skin, but it clogs pores and can aggravate skin problems like acne.
Sheroxi Herbal Soap

 Natural skincare products, on the other hand, are free from the lurking hazards of synthetic ingredients. Spring for a clean, green, skincare solution, like a herbal soap with natural skincare ingredients, for the thorough and wholesome cleansing your body needs after a long hard day.

2. Feeling As Healthy As Your Skin

Feeling As Healthy As Your Skin

Going herbal with your beauty regime means using natural extracts from known medicinal botanicals to target specific skin concerns for a more wholesome and healthy diet for your skin. But it's not just about throwing a bunch of good herbal elements together in one product. Natural skin solutions must be carefully formulated through years of RnD, trials, and, most importantly, experience.

Natural skincare ingredients beat prolonged exposure to synthetic chemicals any day, and it's a worthwhile investment to have you feeling as healthy as your skin for the long term. 

3. Gentle On The Skin With Deep Effects

Once you go herbal, you won't go back. Because natural skincare products are so gentle to your complexion, there's no need to bother about the technicalities of your skin type or even how hot and humid Singapore's weather will be like. Unlike synthetic ingredients that can be too harsh or cause your skin to be too reactive, botanical ingredients often are compounds already existing in your skin—no side effects, no fuss, and safe for long-term use. 

Have plans for a perfect day out? Knowing the night before is the most crucial. A herbal care cream would be just what you need. Let natural extracts work their strong nourishing effects into your skin cells, and wake up feeling radiant and confident to conquer the day.

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