3 Answers To Unlock The Perfect Skin: Skin Barrier 101

When you think of flawless complexion, what comes to your mind? Most of us picture smooth, glowing, bare skin that naturally radiates confidence from within. It’s no wonder many are so fascinated by the silky, glass skin makeup of Korean celebrities, and more people with troubled skin are looking for daily skincare products that work in Singapore.

But did you know that your skin is only as good as its surface? Besides caring for the deep layers of your skin, your skin’s health also hinges on its protective barrier. Without this protective barrier, your body would be exposed to external risks and threats. 

Let’s put it this way. Imagine a juicy, succulent tomato rich in vitamins and nutrients. But it doesn’t look appealing because the skin on its surface is dry and peeling. Before long, germs and foreign bodies can attack the flesh of the tomato, leaving a once prime tomato in a sad, sorry state.

The protective skin barrier acts very much the same way, which is why skin experts recommend paying attention to its care and protection. But if this is the first time you hear about the skin barrier, fret not. We’ll delve right into explaining what a skin barrier is, the symptoms of damage involved, and how to repair it, all in this 5 minute read!

What Is A Skin Barrier?

Every 28 to 30 days, your skin undergoes a renewal cycle. In this process, new skin cells are generated in the deepest epidermal layer, while older cells are pushed to the surface, creating the outermost skin layer, which is your skin barrier.

Also known as the Stratum Corneum, the skin barrier is constantly fighting back harmful agents and external threats at the frontlines. Being the uppermost layer of your skin, it not only acts as a filter against harsh chemicals and harmful bacteria, but it's also your last line of defence. 

Besides being the guardian of your complexion's health, this barrier also retains and regulates your skin's moisture. And it's only because of its existence that made applying protective topical creams and lotions such as sunblock possible to protect the dermal cells that lie deeper within.

How Do You Know If Your Skin Barrier Is Damaged?

It might sound surprising, but oily skin can also be dehydrated. If you skew towards the sebaceous side yet your face feels or looks tight, has fine lines or random dry patches, it's a sign that your skin barrier is damaged.

Because your skin can no longer retain or regulate moisture without a healthy barrier, your complexion will appear dull, or agitated and red on the other extreme. It'll also be sensitive to breakouts, feel itchy or flaky.

When you see this happening, don't wait. Take preventive steps to protect your skin barrier right away.

How Can I Improve My Skin Barrier?

Repairing your skin barrier doesn’t have to be a complex job. Re-introduce moisture back into your skin with a Skin Barrier Retreat Facial (U.P. $268). In just 60 mins, this massage rebuilds and strengthens your skin barrier and restores its vitality to help seal in moisture for longer.

But how to repair your skin barrier at home? After your facial, take home the Skin Barrier Repairing Toner and Skin Barrier Repairing Cream. The Sheroxi customised renewal toner and cream can fasten the rehabilitation process for quick results with gentle and moisture-loving ingredients.

Let the professionals do the work and treat your skin to the best skin barrier retreat facial spa in Singapore with a trip down to the Sheroxi's store at 269 Holland Avenue. 

Rebuild Your Skin Barrier Today with Sheroxi

As you’ve seen today, protecting your skin barrier is a priority and shouldn’t be ignored. With a proper facial and skincare routine to aid in your skin barrier renewal process, you’ll be able to achieve healthy, beautiful skin again. Have a look at our facial services and reach out to us for an appointment today!